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  • Bailida | #FORTRISS Examine Light

    In the period of the pandemic, endocrinologists are exposed to a greater risk in the front line. The protective clothing becomes an emerging burden to the medical cost, therefore, BAILIDA designed the EXAMINE LIGHT of FORTRISS series as a protective panel for ENT to minimize the risk of virus exposure while the doctors are doing the diagnostic examine for the patients.


    Endotracheal incubation is a common practice on patients who cannot breathe on their own, and, when this procedure is performed, cough is a usual reflex action caused by the foreign bodies and abrasion. So, droplet and blood transmission may occur and put incubators and the peripheral health care workers at great risk to infection. Therefore, BAILIDA offers a Mobile Protective Barrier to fully cover the above-neck area of a patient to protect health care workers from potential droplet and blood transmitted diseases.

  • New Arrival of FORTRISS series

    FORTRISS EXAMINE Inspection Screen A Physical Barrier to provide extra protection stands in between Medical Staffs and Patients. Quick Release Gloves set to replace gloves in 30 seconds and Quick Sterilize design to prevent cross-infection.

  • New Arrival of ES series

    ES Series Concise and Soft lines of body arc, strong and solid aluminum frame. Premium Medical Carts with comprehensive accessories package to meet hospital requirement.

  • 2019 Medica Dusseldorf, Germany (18-21 November,2019)

    Visit our booth located: Hall 14, Stand: 14B04